Canada Set to Approve Legal Pot Sales

June 7, 2018 0 By Creative Choice


Canada’s government is poised to approve sweeping cannabis legalization as soon as this week and could launch marijuana sales by late summer.

As part of legalization, the Canadian government will probably inform citizens that admitting to marijuana use might get them barred from crossing the border into the USA because the US government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug.

Canadian Sen. Tony Dean, an independent who sponsored the bill in the Senate said “We know we have a national challenge with cannabis. We have some of the highest youth consumption rates in the world, an illegal cannabis market worth upward of $6 billion annually, we know it’s harmful for kids, especially younger kids … and we had a government that wanted to tackle those issues.”

Uruguay is the only other country to legalize marijuana; many countries have decriminalized it but prohibit sales.

Canada’s regulations would permit people as young as 18 to buy marijuana from regulated stores and grow small amounts at home. The draft calls for reducing cannabis use among youths and creating national standards for testing and packaging as well as setting tax rates low enough to undercut the black market.

The plan lacks one major policy point many advocates pushed for: expunging the criminal records of people convicted for minor marijuana crimes.