Cannabis Effective in Minimizing Brain Inflammation, Preventing Alzheimer’s

June 10, 2018 0 By Creative Choice

A researcher at Ohio State University who has been studying the effects of cannabis on the human brain has made some astounding discoveries. One of his biggest findings is that when healthy middle-aged people use it daily and in low doses, it drastically reduces the likelihood that they will develop Alzheimer’s later in life.

Researchers administered cannabis to their subjects by way of an osmotic midi pump, inserted under the animal’s skin, and administered very slowly into their systems 24/7.

According to this research, a steady supply of cannabis is highly effective in minimizing brain inflammation. What this could mean is that cannabis could prevent the devastating onset of Alzheimer’s, which often strikes by surprise.

One key discovery he’s made involves stem cells, which he said, “can be turned into any new cell, and the brain uses them to wire up new circuits. We retain the ability to make new neurons, but as we get older, that ability dissipates over time until after a while we stop generating new stem cells completely, and we move to what we call neurogenesis, which is associated with depression and cognitive impairment and increases the risk of dementia and other diseases of aging.

In addition to helping prevent Alzheimer’s, cannabis has shown promise in treating women going through menopause (because the plant has some estrogenic qualities), and appears to be very effective for people with anxiety.

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