Cannabis CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety and Inflammation – How CBD Oil Helps

June 26, 2018 0 By Creative Choice

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States.

An estimated 30 percent of adults and 25 percent of teens and preteens are affected by anxiety in the US. That’s 66 million people. Fortunately, new insights into the cause may help with the development of more effective treatment options.

Most people do not associate cognitive health issues like anxiety, depression, brain fog, ADD, ADHD, and autism with inflammation. There is actually a whole field of research studying how inflammation messes with our brains and may cause anxiety disorders. Enter CBD oil: an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety compound.

“I have seen in my own life, and many of my patients’ lives, the positive impact CBD oil can have on anxiety,” says William Cole, D.C.

CBD oil can provide amazing health benefits naturally, and there is a growing body of research to support it.

Studies have found that CBD oil is a natural anxiolytic (anxiety calmer) and is effective in treating social anxiety. CBD calms anxiety naturally without the potential side effects of pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medications.

CBD oil may reduce anxiety by directly affecting the brain. Studies have found that CBD actually lowers activity in the amygdala and increases prefrontal cortex activation, two parts of the brain involved in anxiety. There is also evidence that CBD is able to activate hippocampus neurogenesis, aka regenerate new neurons! This activates CB1 receptors, which has a positive balancing impact on GABA and glutamate levels, associated with reducing anxiety.

How much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The studies done on CBD oil have a pretty wide dose range. The dosages can range from a few milligrams to hundreds of milligrams. Start at around 10 mg and slowly increase to see what works for you. Some people also do well with splitting the dosage throughout the day rather than taking it all at once; this is called micro-dosing. As with everything, it is always a good idea to talk with your prescribing doctor if you are on any medications. CBD Oil is generally very safe, but there are some pharmaceutical medications it could potentially interact with.