What you can expect when starting Hemp Derived CBD Oil

August 27, 2018 0 By Creative Choice

As a general rule start with a 5-10mg dose. Each person is different and there is no RDA, or recommended daily allowance. So start slow and work your way up to the desired effect. But be aware that there is a bell curve of effectiveness, taking more isn’t necessarily giving you more effectiveness. You will be just wasting product. So it is important to find the dosage that is right for you.

The sublingual drops take 30-45 mionutes to take effect.

It is a very subtle effect, these aren’t drugs, they are all-natural superfoods. You will experience calmness, less anger, you will sleep better, less inflammation, and racing thoughts may slow down. It may take a few weeks and as long as a month to see full effects.  CBD helps regulate your sleep cycle but it takes consistency and time for best results.

There is a potential for detox symptoms. If you get a headache or dizziness or fatigued or skin rash, these are good signs. If your tongue swells up – that is an allergic reaction, you should stop taking it. A detox symptom goes away after time. Anytime you put superfoods into your body it stirs up the toxins and they show up in headaches breakouts etc, these are temporary.

Drink lots of water to pump out the lymphatic system, work out and get plenty of movement every day.

If you are having headaches, just back off for a couple days and let the toxins release and start back up at a lesser dose and work up slowly to the desired effect..