CBD and Sports-Related Ailments

December 7, 2018 0 By Creative Choice
The pain relief pharmaceutical market is in desperate need of non-opioid based non-addictive pain relief options, and Cannabis products are filling the void.
CBD-for-AthletesThe world of professional sport has provided an arena for using cannabinoids for pain management and relief. So far these developments have focused mainly, but not exclusively, on CBD medicine. Studies and anecdotal evidence show the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could make it a useful tool for athletes looking for relief from soreness, muscle and joint damage or injuries that won’t affect physical or cognitive performance like many opioid medications or THC-rich cannabis.
UFC mixed martial artist Nick Diaz was famously seen vaping CBD oil during his post-match press conference after his 2016 loss to Conor McGregor. Diaz explained to the press that the oil was for post-fight muscle inflammation. The event caused controversy in the sporting world at the time, but CBD was removed from the International Olympic Committee sanctioned anti-doping agency’s list of banned substances less than a year later. Other athletes including NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan and former tackle Eugene Monroe have also gone public with their use of CBD to treat sport-related ailments.
With a growing understanding and acceptance, spurred by high profile use in the professional sports industry and elsewhere, we will continue to open minds to the benefits of Cannabis.

Here’s how CBD can benefit athletes:

  • Sports-related inflammation: Athletes are faced with inflammation on a daily basis. Even minor injuries such as a sprained ankle will severely limit your range of motion because of inflammation. Recovery isn’t possible until inflammation has been addressed completely. Although athletes are generally prescribed the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), CBD is an effective natural medicine to aid in the healing of inflammation. Taking CBD regularly can help athletes combat chronic inflammation, which can cause serious health problems down the road.
  • Reduces stress on the adrenal system: Any kind of physical activity puts a strain on the human body, especially the adrenal system. The adrenal system needs to work doubly hard to compensate while helping to regulate how the body responds to physical stressors – and exercise is considered a stressor. When the adrenal system works hard, it releases more amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, into the bloodstream. A 2004 study conducted by researchers at the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology from the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil discovered that CBD is effective in curbing the release of cortisol, which aids in the reduction of stress caused by physical exertion.
  • Pain relief: Athletes are constantly plagued by joint soreness and muscle pain, which can affect performance. However, CBD’s analgesic properties are well-known and well documented. Without CBD, or cannabis for that matter, athletes would have had to turn to over the counter (OTC) medications and harmful, addictive opioids to their pain. CBD can do the job without any side effects at all, plus its healing benefits for pain can be felt almost immediately. CBD also inhibits the body’s absorption of anandamide, a compound that aids in regulating pain – more anandamide in the body means that more pain is felt.
  • Better sleep: Without proper sleep, athletes can’t train hard and efficiently. Good sleep is critical to good functioning mentally and physically, this is why it’s important for athletes to sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. CBD helps athletes feel more calm and relaxed while eliminating anxiety which can cause difficulty sleeping. Studies show that CBD also increases overall sleep amounts, treat insomnia, and even help people sleep despite the presence of chronic pain – all of which are extremely beneficial for athletes.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity: Excess weight on athletes can be a deterrence to peak performance. One of the causes of excess weight gain a problematic insulin sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivities result in glucose being stored as fat, which can be a problem for athletes. Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem confirmed that CBD can help improve insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.

Athletes today are lucky with the multitude of ways to integrate CBD into their lifestyle.