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[fancytitle text=”Quality You Can Trust” titlecolor=”#282828″ separatorcolor=”#eaeaea” icon=”pagelines” iconcolor=”#fff” iconbgcolor=”#81AC04″ align=”center”][space height=”0″][columns size=”2″][mission title=”Highest Quality Products” align=”right” icon=”leaf” iconcolor=”#81AC04″ iconbgcolor=”#fff” bordercolor=”#e9ebef”]Hemp products sold in stores are most often made with hemp seed oil, which can contain only trace amounts of CBD. While hemp seed oil can be a great source of nutrition, it has only a marginal quantity of CBD. However, our Hemp Oil offers high percentages of CBD and additional nutritional benefits from the Hemp Seed oil.[/mission]
[mission title=”Grown Organicly in the USA” align=”right” icon=”star-o” iconcolor=”#81AC04″ iconbgcolor=”#fff” last=”yes” bordercolor=”#e9ebef”]Hemp grown in Europe and Asia is readily available and usually less expensive. However, when working with foreign farms, brands lose their quality control and when it comes to hemp, it’s cultivation environment is critically important. Our CDB is grown in the USA on federally licensed farms.[/mission]
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[mission title=”Affordable Prices” align=”left” icon=”heart-o” iconcolor=”#81AC04″ iconbgcolor=”#fff” bordercolor=”#e9ebef”]If you research the prices of CBD for sale online, you get a sense of the helter-skelter that is the Cannabis market right now. The prices range from low to high and so does the quality. Thats the specific reason we started 1st Choice CBD USA… so we could offer the best quality CBD on the market and make it afforable and accessible to everyone.[/mission]
[mission title=”Non-GMO” align=”left” icon=”trash-o” iconcolor=”#81AC04″ iconbgcolor=”#fff” last=”yes” bordercolor=”#e9ebef”]Consumers know that from start to finish their CBD oil was produced under the highest-quality standards available. They also know that farmers did more than just their due diligence to ensure the final product is organic, non-GMO, and potent.[/mission][/columns]